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Day 21 - A gathering of friends

Av Magnus Ekstrand - 25 juni 2017 08:00

We arrived abou 04:30 am to Hanoi and went directly to the hotel. The gates was barred but there was a doorbell which we rang 3 times before a drowsy looking guy opened the door. Much to our amazement we were allowed to check in at this time and we spent the morning sleeping until 10:00 am. After this we set out to see some of the temples and museums that Hanoi has to offer. Yet again the weather was too hoy(35 degrees C) and we spent most of the day in the shade. We went by a templeTran Quoc pagoda), the presidential palace, Ho Chi Minh museum and Tomb, they were however both closed for the day. We continued on to the  Hoa Lo prison and the Woman museum. While doing this I tried to make plans for the night with both Max, an old hightschool friend and Esther which we met in Ho Chi Minh city. It ended up with us meeting u with Max for dinner and then we also met up with Esther. The evening was rather uneventful, we spent most time reconnecting and strolling the streets of Hanoi. We had a glas of fresh beeer and also icecream from a place we'd never found without Max.


The pagoda      

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum

The guards official gear, was happy enough to pose for a photo  

Ho Chi Minh museum  

Temple of litterature, unsure what brought about the name      

The prison, feautured a number of unpleasant facts and scenery.  

The woman museum  

Was a nice exhibit even tho the womans role was maybe a bit old fashioned. The first room was dedicated to marrige, second to birth giving, third to family life and only at the fourth came historical personalities(which most had to do with women who were recognized for supporting the armies during the war...)  

Local art  

Traditional garb  

Finally found some penguins for Hotch to chat with  

local church  

Meeting up with friends! Me, Martin, Max and Esther.  

Went out on the local pub streets, this night they feautured alot of street performances, made for a good feeling.  

Sat down at the green table for some fresh beer, the chairs are literally like 20-30 cm tall.  


One of the lakes by night, my camera doesn't really like dark setting so picture quality is fairly low...     

Ended at the operahouse, from here we grabbed a cab back to the hotel...


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Av Magnus Ekstrand - 25 juni 2017 17:04

First of all. Thank you all for reading. This will be the last day that I record for my Vietnam travels. It's been a great trip but I am really looking forward to returning to Sweden. This could well be noticed since we spent most of the day just tak...

Av Magnus Ekstrand - 23 juni 2017 13:55

So today we yet again had a private driver to drive us to some of the scenic points of the area. This happened to be the Love and Silver waterfall as well as the Fansipan mountain. The Love waterfall was the first and it was a really nice view. There...

Av Magnus Ekstrand - 23 juni 2017 04:40

So we arrived to early. The train stopped in Lao Cai which is a village close to Sapa. I was a bit curious on how we would actually get to Sapa from here but it didn't take long until we had a ride for 50 000VND(which is nothing). Directly after bein...

Av Magnus Ekstrand - 22 juni 2017 15:27

We woke up, fortunantly without any sign of cockroaches in our cabin and had a below average breakfast. After this we had some leisure time before the crew dropped us at a pearl museum. It feautured some monitors, a guided tour about pearls and oyste...

Av Magnus Ekstrand - 21 juni 2017 16:35

We had a really nice american breakfast before leaving for Halong bay. A bus picked us up outside the hotel. Yet again we wre the only westernes. However we did befriend an eldery couple from Singapore that spoke excellent english. Sadly, yet again, ...

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