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Av Magnus Ekstrand - 18 juni 2017 16:25

So last night involved some decently nice and not so nice things that I didn't really bother to add on the other day. We met two new people, Cloe and Edward from the UK. Both nice enough that we spent about 30 minutes walking without direction in Khe Sahn while speaking of everything and nothing. Before that we had one of those annoying experiances. Martin and I had dinner with Bi and Tau, which both seemed decently drunk when we arrived(only this was a big sign for me). Next they insisted on getting us beer, which is nice, and proceeded to order things that we didn't really know what it was or if we really wanted it. Turned out to be a whole chicken surrounded by rice, the rice and chicken had been fried together(?) and made for a really nice taste. We also had a plate of cooked squid which we ate whole(poor creatures). It felt pretty brutal but tasted nice enough. Having a bad feeling about the dinners as a whole I spoke to BI. I told him that we really wanted to know the prices beforhand and also, if possible, any information on what we was gonna get for the price. This and that we couldn't finnish half of the things that had been ordered made him realize that he probably went a bit out of hand. In the end he ended up paying for the major part of the bill and he seemed genuinely about it.

But now for today. We left Keh Sahn and went along the Ho Chi Minh trail. The scenery was so far the best one we've had. I actually didn't mind that we didn't stop for lunch until 14:00. But then this was also all we did today. We went up to decent heights on the mountains(most 1600m over the seal), visisted "minority villages" and also bathed in local rivers and waterfalls before arriving at our desitation - the Phong Nam caves. So the area around the caves seems to have the same name as the collective name for the caves. There are three caves in total - water, dry and the dark cave. Each slightly different than the other one. But more on that tomorrow. In the small town we randomly met up with Elfie and Ninke who we went to the elephant waterfalls with. They was staying close by at a hostel which seemed to have a very extravagant reputation. It seemed that if you are a foregein backpacker and happen to visit the Phong Nam are you have to sleep at the Easytiger hostel. They invited us over to check out the bar and the music which ment we spent most of the night drinking and having a really good time. We also met up with Cloe and Edward at the bar and invited them over which made us a company of 6. Was very nice untill it became late enought that we felt like going back. It's not easy traveling on a tight schedule. You have little time for leisure and can't really cram too much extra into your programme. But for tomorrow it seems that we are doing all the three caves that are all to be very worthwhile! I will just upload pictures for now and add text later. As I said, at the moment it is a bit hard to find time for my blog.


First stop was a warmuseum outside Keh Sahn. It featured alot of remnants since the "american war" and the hasty retreat of the american forces. If you wanted to you could buy scavanged lighters, medals and common left behind of the U.S forces.

It also feautured a minor museum which(in my opinion) mostly served to glorify the vietnamnese, heroic, valiant, viginalt, brave, succesful, victorious(you get the idea) struggle while labeling the americans as feeble, weak and powerless. Example of this above. Sure there was also alot of facts to this museum, but you'd have read in between the lines to get an objective view.


Now there will be alot of nature. Most of them are taken on the west and east Ho Chi Minh trail, we went through a mountainpass called Deo Sa Mu which was very scenic.          

Dogs, cows, buffalo, people and wares laid out in the sun was a frequent occurance on the road. Bi drove maserfully and showed no real wear of yesterdays drinking.      


One of the rivers coming down from the mountain.  

Me doing 1-2-3 jump in said river.


The end, so tomorrow we'll do caves!

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