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Av Magnus Ekstrand - 16 juni 2017 13:00

So today we started out getting collected from our hotel in Hue by Bi and Taú. They took us for a ride along the landscape around Hue and we also started our journey to Dong Hoi. However the distance from Hue to Dong Hoi is only 4 hours if you go the quickest way. Needless to say this is not how you spend scenic 3 day tour as a tourist. We drove by the city Dong Há at least 3 times and went about driving parallel passes to the same destination. We also visited several hiostorical and beautiful sights. Bi drove me and Taú drove Martin. I didn't really like Bi at the start. He had very specific ideas on how he wanted to go about things. He also neglected to tell us the prices before offering us any service that was not included in what we already paid for. These fees where however, very minimal and whatever he suggested was worth the cost. But it'd be nice to know before and not after.

We did however have some awesome syngergy when riding the bike. Be would warn me 5-10 seconds before a sign or sight would show up and then procced to slow down just enough for me to have a shot with the camara. That along with him looking out for us mostly made up for the earlier annoyance. After riding until 16:00 we rode for Keh Sahn where we checked in to our(included in the price) two star hotel for the night.


Getting picked up by Bi and Taú       

First stop, Long Hung church, really amazing history. Took a picture of the sign so you may read the whole story.     

Memorial place from the war, not sure of the name. Be didn't mention it.  

Groups took turns to procced onto the memorial altar that was in the centre of the area.  

Around was several monuments which spoke alot about the war, but this time we found no sign's to expain each and everyone as a singular piece.  

And the penguin tears, I noted at noon that Hotch's left eye was damages. Made my mood a bit worse, but I guess I'll be able to fix him up. Just have to figure out how.


Random Ho Chi Minh statue in Dong Ha.  

Buffalo roaming "free" on the ricefields.  

Be had us take alot of poses, both with bikes and by ourselves by a local beach.  

This was my favourite, one-two-three JUMP, just slightly out of sync :D  

Boats close by the beach we posed at  

Was treated this as pre-lunch snack. Risepaper with shrimp, tasted... wierd but good? Was wrapped in bamboo leaf and super hot!  

Some pictures taken while riding(today we make for 70-100 km/h), and yes I rode behind - photographing like the crazy tourist I am.    

Things the shows up not to seldom when you get to the smaller local towns. They use the road to sundry their wares.  

Yet more tunnels, these were however bombshelters and not made for fighting. Was promised that they'd be bigger than the Cu Chi tunnels.  

Sun us almost at zenit!  

Guide also showed us these flowers which folds its' leaves together. "Shy flower", very cute thing.  

The bombs that were dropped. If you divided the weight of the bombs used/person living in the area each indivudual was bombed by 7 000 kg worth of bombs. And yet they survived...  

The tunnels themselves, about 1.6 m in height, better than Cu Chi but still small...    

Each family had an alcove roughtly 2 square meters, this was all the space they had to live, sleep and eat in.  

Meeting hall where weddings, gatherings, stories, songs and events was held.    

And off we go again. We acutally passed where the boarder of south and north had previously been.


Where the colour of the bridge changes, that's the official mark for south/north.   

Also visited a cementary dedicated to the Viet Cong, corpses was gathered after the war and taken here so relatives and friends may easier find them.  

Views got better during the day      

Stayed at a local waterfall and I had a bath. I was however not the first one to try the waters as four or five locals already was in when I got there.  

Tried to patch him up at the hotel but I simply don't have the tools for it. Also I don't want to damage him any more than what damage there already is.

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