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Av Magnus Ekstrand - 14 juni 2017 16:33

We rose early and had a very nice morning breakfast(especially considering this was a hostel and not hotel). After this we gathered our things and left for Hue. Irony had it that it was the same train, or at least trainidentification code as last time. But as said it was only 3 hours. We were seated behing a ground of merry Vietnamnese roughly at our own age. They were very loud but we didn't really mind. They also seemed to be slightly intrested in us and we both noticed that the girls in front of us took pictures with themselves and us(the kind of one that also happen to add rabbitears to the people in the photo). But as I said we didn't really mind. When we excited we both got a pat on the back and on the abdomen and some uniteligable vietnamese cheery sounding comment from one of the lads. No idea what that was about.

In Hue we quickly made it to the hotel, booked a cabride to take us to the five most worthwhile sights in Hue the next day. Then, still being tired and a bit under the weather(hehe) we rested in the hotel for awhile. Since I had been feeling a pain in my left ear since three days and it hadn't really gotten any better I decided to see what options there was. After only(...) wait time to my insurancecompany I found out that whatever option I'd have to pay up to 1200:- myself anyway. This made me reconsider my initial idea of having a collegue(doctor) check it up for me since I didn't really know where to start anyway. We did however pass a pharmacy where I entered and quickly explained that I felt like I had an ear infection. 5 seconds later i had a box of potent antibiotics(usually reserved for resistant bacteria in Sweden) in front of me(Spektramox) for only 120 SEK. I didn't buy it. Even though I'd considered that it may need antibiotic treatment just taking pills without certain diagnose made no real sense in the end. So I left the pharmacy empty handed but with idle thoughts about that bacterial resistance to antibiotics must be dire here for them to offer me Spektramox as a first line of treatment. Or maybe they just gave me whatever they'd know worked. either way it gave me an uneasy feeling.

After this we walked the streets of Hue with little direction. We visited two pagodas and watched a market. We also found a very large shopping centre(like the ones you find everywhere in Sweden) and browsed for awhile. Now we are back at the hotel just taking it easy, gathering energy for tomorrows tour around the city.


Dayview of some of the buildnings close to the beach in Da Nang.  

Time to board the train. Our former friends the military also showed up for this one. However no soliders in blue uniform this time. Not sure what the differance is.  

Train to Hue was slow and rocky, but had some pretty sights.     


Was picked up by the hotels driver which showed a not to uncommon example of Vietnamese  parking when leaving us at the hotel  

Out in hue, visiting the local streets. 


Some more nice views from the bridge.  

"Looks like Mälaren"  


market! :)    

There was many minor water channels passing through Hue.


The first pagoda.  

On our way back we met these guys. They knew enough english to ask our names, origin and how we were feeling. They also had that easy going attitude that you feel in the entire Vietnam, but with a childish take. Why not go up to two complete strangers, run around their feet for awhile and then start a conversation?  

Second pagoda, garden was kinda more nice than the house.  

Bridge to the main "Island in Hue" which surrounds the Imperial city(we are going tomorrow)  

Just a regular street in Hue with everyday events.  

First accident we've seen in Vietnam. No damage to the drivers. The MC seemed to be stuck however. 

Lastly I did something I kinda which I didn't, or don't  really don't know how I feel about. I went to the local hospital which was a large one to get a feel for Vietnamnese healthcare. While it was interesting walking the corridors and I even had a quick peak into the emergency rooom, I really out of place. Like a tourist gawking at peoples suffering, which was not why I was there at all. But I realized that is how it may very well seem to everyone I met. Also people was staring more than they had in other places and I got a feeling that my prescense really wasn't being appreciated. So I made my exit as switly as I could.

So tomorrow we will take a rented car around to The Imperial city, Thien Mu pagoda, Tu Duc/Minh Mang/Khai Dinh Tomb which are said to be some of the main sights in Hue. Having a private driver(and a car with AC) feels very nice as this will allow us to take our time. But a guide to expain what we're seeing would've been nice, but you can't have everything :).

Av Magnus Ekstrand - 14 juni 2017 05:00

So yet again we slept in, ate a very nice hotel breakfast and then went down to Hoi An to kill some time until our appointment with the tailor. By now most of our clothes fit us very well and no adjustments was needed. However the buttons as not attached and we were told to come back at 16:00. Which made for yet more killing of time in a city we already seen most of. We sat very long at a resturant we previously had visited. Martin drinking cheap bear and me having juice. Having decided that I atleast wanted to see som,ething more instead of just hiding away we braved the sun and went about exploring the minor streets of a smaller island in Hoi An. Two things was apparent, the prices for things dropped rapidiely and english signs was more uncommon. Also the streets was narrower and the buildning less grand. Children played in the streets with whatever the could find.

Slowly the hours went by and we returned to claim our suits. This time we didn't try them on and I guess we missed the opportunity for some stylish photos. I'll just have to show whoever is interested when we get back to Sweden.

Back at the hotel we ordered a taxi to Da Nang. The hostel we stayed at there was not as grand as the hotel we just left but had a nice feeling to it. When asking for a good local resturant we got a recommendations for a taco place nearby. Since we were hungry we didn't bother with it not being Vietnamnese food. It can also be nice to try something from western cusine with a local twist. After this we watched the raging thunderstorm that surronded, but did not reach, Da Nang. It made for some spectacular views but the thunder was too far away to be heard. We also went down to the beach which was pretty enough. People was still bathing and enjoying the semi-cool heat at 20:00...

Tomorrow we leave for Hue by train. Sadly is is the same train as last time but this time the journey is just 3 hours...


Local market at Hoi An.

In here they sold mostly vegetables and seafood. Very busy place.    

One of the smoothies I had, cost x 6 times of a beer (=12 SEK).  

Martin in one of his suits. Was the only decent picture I managed to take.  

Local school for english? It is very interesting that most children here, no matter how young knows some english. We had one one 11 year old tell us our due price in english numbers when shopping for a can of tea and water.


Sun was veeeeeery hot. We spent most time in the shade.

Reached the other side of the island and walked along the shore back to where we started.  

Shade, if you're not at a caffé or restaurant this is as good as it gets.  

Riverboats, less busy than usual. Totally understandable.

The sun was almost at zenit and our shades was maby 10-20 cm long.    
Picutre taken so my dad may see what kind of chaotic wirework they have in Vietnam.  

The place we ate at in Da Nang. Was very special, you had 3 alternatives for main ingredient and then four for sauce. You could combine as you liked.  

They also sold beer/soda for 4 SEK and Tequila shots for 10 SEk. THe gentlemen to the right in the picture seemed to have had about 7 cans each of beer. Didn't seem to affect them much however and their conversation about primary and secondary education was kinda interesting to eavsdropp on.  

Hotels just by the beach in Da Nang. Seemed expensive.  

Yet one more of the "point at things and have them cooked" market. Was busy with locals.

The beach at Da Nang was very nice. Sand was soft and the water luke warm. Also seemed to be under tidal influence as the parimeter for the water seemed to wary a couple of decimeter in waterhight.    

View from the beach. The other ends of the waters was nicely lit up.

Me and Martin standing around watching the showwork of a thunderstorm that seemed to surround Da Nang. Was too far away for the sound to reach us however.

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