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Day 9 - Well spent doing very little

Av Magnus Ekstrand - 12 juni 2017 18:02

  We slept until 09:30, went and had breakfast and then relaxed at our rooms until 13:00. This was partly because of us being very tired after the 10 h train and due to a growing headache(probably due to dehydration). After this we took the hotel bus to Hoi An and went about browsing the streets and had a full body massage before meeting up with our tailor at 17:00. Since yesterday they'd already finished the clothes we ordered and they suited us decently. Whatever adjustments that was needed was jotted down on a small pice of paper. The process ran very smootly, even so smoothly that I didn't have time for any pictures. Guess I'll upload some of the end results.

After this went down to the night market yet again. Now however it seemed like there was different attractions from yesterday. It was an international food market where people from different countries had set up their own kitchen to compete in a cooking contest. It seemed that the rules was that the main ingredient would be noodles that Hoi An was famous for. Other than that the participants were encouraged to use spices and ingredients native to their own country. It made for some really tasy stuff! I had two bowls, one from korea and the other from Corsica. Both super tasty in their own way. after this we loitered around watching the associated performances that took place in the background of the cooking contest. Made for a really nice evening!


Bridge in japanese style, number 3 on tripadvisor. No real idea why.  

Us walking about trying to pass time until the tailor.  

Semi good shot at Martin trying on his suit.  

Busy streets.


Food cour where the contest was held!  

Scene behind the food cour with ongoing performances.  

Busy steet outside the food court.  

One of the performances. Video below.


Corsica cusine. My favourite for the day!      

Meal from corsica, some tender meat. Fried/baked meat, noodles, sallad and what I believe is potatoes?  

More cusines  

In the background of all the stands was the name and face of the chief chef.  


River was lit up by candles that was sold from people of the street.  

Larger scene a bit further away from the cooking area. It seemed they were rehearsing since a guy was shouting instructions all the time. Still made for a spectacular show.

Careful with the sound on this one, might get a bit high halfway in.

Some of the performances on the minor stage near the food court. Was really nice to watch! Most seemed to be historical songs from Vietnam and Korea.

Stageplay from korea, actors spoke korean without microphone.

And that was it for today. Tomorrow we leave for Da Nang which is 30 minutes away by car and will be staying there until tomorrow when we take a train headed for Hue. No plans for Da Nang yet :)


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