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Av Magnus Ekstrand - 9 juni 2017 17:36

Today we'll do a shorter one. It is already late here and we will rise early tomorrow. We left Da Lat 09:00  to go to Nha Trang. We had hired two easyriders(local company of MC riders) to take us. We paid 65 dollars for the entire day which seemed a ripp of but in the end turned out to be a fair price. Our drives Loi and Van(?) made sure we saw everything along the way. Nature, culture, pagodas and museums. It was a really great day even if our backs were sore and our skin burning for a days exposure of the sun. I took way to many pictures and way too many ended up being decent. Thus the massive amount of them below.


Leaving our host and Pretty backpackers behind  

Our rides for the day.  

On our way out of Da Lat.  

Stopped by a museum before leaving Da Lat. This thing is called a Lingh(spellning) and represent man and woman/ying and yang. The top part is man  and the slate woman.  

Natives in vietnam, now all minorities. 

One of their traditions. Every year they sacrifise a bull to ensure prosperity for the coming year. I'd say something about religion making people do strange things but we Swedes also have our past...   

Loi called this an "American Lingh", it is a bombshell that weighs 500 kg. He also told us much of the history of Vietnam when it was divided up into south and north. He also told us that the war museum "lies" about much of it

's content. Not sure of exactly what. But he also made sure to point out that Ho Chi Minh was chinese and not vietnamnese and actually went as far to name him as a devil. According to him the populations affection for him and comunnism is very split, many are unhappy with the government and thus want to leave the county. Often seeking better fourtune in other countries.  

Martin in full riding gear = helmet  

Me in full riding gear = helmet  

To be continued...                                                                          

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