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Av Magnus Ekstrand - 8 juni 2017 16:07

Yesterday night we tried to decide which tour we would like - the city or the countryside tour. Both had things we wanted and things we didn't really care for. Speaking of this with Nienke and Elfie, two dutch travelers we met yesterday, we found out that you also could do a private tour. This ment you got to see exactly what you wanted, only problem was the price. But yet again we were saved by the owner of the hostel who called the company and haggled for us. So for less than 120 sek/person we had a private driver for the day to take us exactly wherever we wanted. And what a day we had. I don't think I'll write too much. The pictures tells the vital part of the story.


So the day started with us being picked up by the driver at 08:30 and a longer ride to Elephant waterfalls. We got to see much of the countryside while riding. Here also there was a bit easier traffic. On this picture what seemed to be a large hayball was moving at a solid 50 km/h on the other side of a road, turned out to be a huy with a scooter. Wonder what kind of vision he had behind the thing.

We arrived at this majestic thing. The view was immense. Click to play.


Photo of the team for the day; Martin, Elfie, Neinke, me and Hotch.  

Further down you got to a cage were you could stand 10-ish meters from the fall itself. I went as far as I could toward it without standing in the water. Was greeted by a heavy rainpour and the deafening sound of who know how much water crashing at the surface. Was mind opening.  

Team in said cave, the others kept further back.


Found a rock in the middle of the river, required some fancy footwork but was well worth it. Would've loved to have stayed for longer just listening and watching the falls. But only going close to the downpour(above picture) and sitting here for 4 minutes left me soaked. The camera was also being drenched by the water but worked well anyway.

Video of the falls, Swedish gibberish.


Some of the steps going up/down, was also trash laying around a bit randomly. In one place there was a gap near the falls that was fully filled with trash only...  

Change of clothes at the top. Still not completly dry anyway.


Next stop was Robin Hill where we took a cable car for about 10 minutes. Gave some really amazing views of Da Lat. Also found out the Vietnamnese listen to heavy metal, as that was what the speakers was playing for the entire ride. Kinda surreal experiance.  

One of the views from the cable car.  

Next stop! Thien Truc Lam monastary. Feutured really nice gardens, temple and sights.  

Large bell.  

Part of the garden.  

One of the altars. Sat down and reached for objective nothingness and got slightly closer than last time. The inside features a bell gong being struck at regular intervals as well as song/chanting. Really relaxing.


Next stop; Datanla waterfall. It couldn't really compare to elephant waterfalls but was nice enough. It did however feuture a roller coaster ride down to the falls which was amazing. I took a video but it didn't end up very well...  

Next stop the Lien Phuoc pagoda. Was really amazing tho a bit crowded.  

Large wooden statures. Woodwork seems to be a speciality here in Vietnam.  

Larger hall of prayer, I shouldn't have taken this picture and I kinda regret it. it is disrespectful for the ones who come to pray. But is also such a amazing view that I want to share it with you.  

Found the gates to Buddist hell(?). Many families were standing outside hesitating to go in, curious as I was I went down before all others. As soon as I stepped in some did follow. What I found was really interessting. It was as a religious scary house. It feautured deamons tourturing, ripping apart, tormenting and frightening humans. It was as much gore as it sounds. And small children were being led by their parents to see these sights. I have some pictures of the content. But yet again, I will not post them here.  

Two guardians(?) watching over the altar  

Massive art on the wall.  

Even more massive bird made of wood. Must've been 2.5 meters tall atleast. More than this several other statures at 1-2 meters was featured.  

A hall with content I'd given much to understand. The monks are all plastic and have bowls where money can be laid. The green statues are facing to monks. All Vietnamnese go to all the monks in circular order(counter/clockvise does not matter) and bow to them. Some stay to pray to individual statues. The statues of the monks all look different. Important religious figures/people? I asked our taxi driver afterwards and got the replay "know answer, but not how to explain" so I guess I'll live in ignorance a while longer.


Last stop - "Crazy house" which was a minor waste of time. It didn't cost much but it also didn't feauture too much intreresting things. It was mostly weird walkways and strange rooms.  

It did however allow for a better view over Da Lat.     


To finish the day of we went to the night market which was larger that I'd anticipated.  

I haggled for a scarf and probably ended up paying "too much"(24 sek/2 euro) anyway. Martin wanted to try streetfood so we found some that seemed tasty.  

Bought some marinated chicken which was super tasty and took it back to the hotel. As a bonus we were treated black beans with sugar and ginger. Was also very tasy!

Tomorrow we will go by bike(as passangers) to Nah Trang which is a city by the sea, we plan to see if we can enjoy the beach for awhile.


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